Experts guide

  • B. Anthony Billings
  • Professor of Accounting
  •  International business competition, Export tax, Tax on foreign income, Capital allocation among industrial nations, Accounting

  • 313-577-4214
  • Abhijit Biswas
  • Kmart Endowed Chair and Professor of Marketing; Ph.D. Program Advisor
  • Consumer behavior, Psychological effects of pricing, Public policy, advertising effects and cross-cultural issues

  • 313-577-1499
  • Timothy W. Butler
  • Associate Professor of Global Supply Chain Management
  •  Hospital operations management, Multi-criteria decision-making, Health care operations, Advanced Statistical Analysis

  • 313-577-9810
  • Sudip Datta
  • T. Norris Hitchman Endowed Chair; Professor of Finance
    Chair, Department of Finance
  • Executive Compensation, Mergers and Acquisitions, LBOs, Capital Structure, Investment Banking, Insider Trading, Corporate Bankruptcy, Analysts' Forecasts, Stock and Bond Markets

  • 313-577-0408
  • Mai Iskandar-Datta
  • Professor of Finance
    Entrepreneurship and Innovation Faculty Fellow
    Board of Visitors Fellow
    Dean's Research Chair
  • Corporate governance, Clawback provisions, Leveraged buyouts, Executive compensation, Product market power, Industry competition, International corporate cash holdings, Earnings management, Internal capital markets (intra-firm), Mergers and acquisitions, Corporate financing decisions, Investment banking, Initial public offerings, Bond covenant structure, Pricing of corporate debt, Corporate restructuring and bankruptcy

  • 313-577-9509
  • Kiantee Jones
  • Director, Graduate Programs Office
  • Student advising, Recruitment trends in graduate admissions and graduate programs implementation 

  • 313-577-4511
  • Emily Kravetz
  • Co-Director, Mike Ilitch School of Business Corporate Mentor Program
  •  Career advice, Career preparation, Hiring trends, Resume writing, Mentorship

  • Norman Lewis
  • Part-Time Faculty in Information Systems Management
  •  Systems Strategy and Planning

    Systems Design

    Nexus of business and Information Technology

    Machine Learning


  • 313-577-4525
  • James E. Martin
  • Professor of Management and Industrial Relations
  • Labor relations, Collective bargaining, Compensation administration, Union stewards, Contract ratification, Union loyalty, Part-time work, Work satisfaction, Effective crew chief utilization

  • 313-577-4485
  • Marick Masters
  • Professor of Management
    Director, Douglas A. Fraser Center
  • Labor relations, Union issues, National labor issues, National Labor Act, Labor unions, Labor-management cooperation, Union political activity, Business political activity, Nonprofit organization labor relations, Federal government labor-management relations, Conflict management, Dispute resolution, Labor negotiations

  • 313-577-5431
  • Thomas J. Naughton
  • Associate Professor of Management
  • Employment, Jobs, Supervisor-employee relationships, Enlightened management, Adapting to a new supervisor/employee, Corporate mergers, Downsizing, Employee teamwork 

  • 313-577-4365
  • Alan Reinstein
  • George R. Husband Endowed Professor of Accounting
  • Current auditing and accounting issues, Fraudulent financial reporting, Business valuations, Bankruptcy, Changes in accounting education, Accounting

  • 313-577-4486
  • Michael Schostak
  • Lecturer of Finance
  • Corporate Finance & Valuation

    Business Case Analysis

    Financial Analysis: Cost/Benefit, Project Investment, Breakeven, Accretion/Dilution

    Financial Modeling in Microsoft Excel

  • 313-577-4468
  • Antoinette Somers
  • Associate Dean
    Professor of Information Systems Management
  • Statistics, Manufacturing management, Management information systems, Total quality management, IT security 

  • 313-577-9594
  • Albert Spalding
  • Associate Professor of Accounting
  • Ethics, Business ethics, Epistemology, Moral sense, Morality, Corporate governance, Tax, Taxation, Income tax, Estate tax, Gift tax, Generation-skipping tax, Fiduciary accounting, Trusts, Estates, Probate, Audit committee, Board of directors, Liability 

  • 313-577-4469
  • Myles Stern
  • Chair, Department of Accounting
    Associate Professor of Accounting
  • Accounting, Business computer networks, Management of information systems, Information systems for manufacturing firms

  • 313-577-3062
  • Jeffrey Stoltman
  • Director of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Programs
    Associate Professor of Marketing
  • Consumer behavior, Advertising and promotion, Marketing management 

  • 313-577-6559
  • John Taylor
  • Director of Supply Chain Programs
    Chair, Department of Marketing & Supply Chain Management
    Associate Professor of Supply Chain Management
  • Supply chain management/logistics, Transportation policy, Road funding 

  • 517-719-0275 (cell)
  • William Volz
  • Professor of Accounting
  • Commercial law and regulation, Business ethics, Constitutional law, Taxation policy 

  • 313-577-4694
  • Attila Yaprak
  • Professor of Marketing and International Business
    Board of Visitors Fellow
    Ph.D. Program Director
  • International business issues, U.S.-China and U.S.-India trade and investment problems/prospects, U.S. trade problems/prospects with Japan and/or Europe, U.S.-Canada trade issues, Strategic alliances in the auto industry, Impact of globalization on business and labor, U.S.-Latin America issues, U.S.-Middle East issues 

  • 313-577-4213