Archana Mannem

Archana Mannem


Ph.D. Candidate, Marketing



Mike Ilitch School of Business
2771 Woodward Avenue
Room 446
Detroit, MI 48201

Academic Programs

  • Marketing

Archana Mannem


My research philosophy is to find solutions that encourage conscious consumption choices. I use quantitative and qualitative methods such as text and sentiment analyses to inform my studies. I conduct experiments in the lab and on digital platforms such as Meta and Google Ads. In the classroom, I use a variety of applications such as Google Trends, Mentimeter, and Slido to create an experiential learning environment. My corporate experience in marketing, sales, and operations helps me relate course material with real-time scenarios, making academic content more engaging and relatable for my students.

In my free time, I like going on long-distance runs, hiking, and watching a good action or psychological thriller.


MBA University of Redlands, California, 2016

B.M.S St. Francis College For Women, India, 2011 

Research and teaching interests


  • Product labeling 
  • Donation behavior
  • Responsible consumption practices
  • Consumer welfare and policy implications 
  • Consumer behavior and psychology


  • Marketing Management (MKT 2300)
  • Marketing Research (MKT 5410)
  • Digital Marketing
  • Marketing Analytics
  • Consumer Behavior


  • Mannem, A., Tangari, A. H., & Baran, M. J. (2023). I’ve got the power: Encouraging pro-environmental behavior through messaging. Journal of Business Research, 168, 114228.


  • Mannem, Archana, Andrea Tangari, and Cassandra Davis (2023), “To Be Objective or Evaluative When Comparing: Influence of Additional Labels on Comparative Claims in Enhancing Choice And Attitudes Toward Nondominant Brands.” Proceedings of the 2023 AMA Marketing and Public Policy Conference.
  • Mannem, Archana and Andrea Tangari (2023), “Carbon Labeling and its Implications on Consumer Behavior,” Wayne State Graduate Research Symposium 2023 (awarded best platform presentation).
  • Mannem, Archana and Sujay Dutta (2022), “Introducing Compassion to Transformative Consumer Research,” Transformative Consumer Research Impact Festival 2022 (impact paper workshop presentation).
  • Mannem, Archana and Ayan Bhattacharyya (2022), “Would You Prefer Cryptocurrency or USD? The Moderating Role of Product Involvement,” Proceedings of the 2022 AMA Summer Academic Conference.
  • Mannem, Archana, Yu Lu, and Attila Yaprak (2021), “Middle-Class Consumers in China and India: Characteristics, Clusters, and Implications,” 2021 Academy of International Business.
  • Mannem, Archana, Yu Lu, and Attila Yaprak (2021), “Affective States, Cognition, Message Appeals, Country-of-Origin, and Quality Perceptions: Research Propositions,” Proceedings of the 2021 Winter American Marketing Association.
  • Yu Lu, Archana Mannem, and Attila Yaprak (2021), “Trust, Satisfaction, Loyalty, and Intentions in the Sharing Economy: Research Propositions,” Proceedings of the 2021 Summer American Marketing Association.
  • Yu Lu, Archana Mannem, and Attila Yaprak (2020), “Identity, Personal Values, and Consumption Orientations: Research Propositions,” Proceedings of the 2020 Summer American Marketing Association.


  • Thomas C. Rumble University Graduate Fellowship (2023-2024)
  • Best Platform Presentation (across disciplines) at WSU’s Graduate Symposium (2023)

Courses taught by Archana Mannem

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