Ariel Levi

Ariel Levi


Assistant Professor of Teaching in Management





Mike Ilitch School of Business
2771 Woodward Avenue
Room 443
Detroit, MI 48201

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  • Management

Ariel Levi


Levi is a member of the Academy of Management, American Psychological Association, Society for Industrial/Organizational Psychology and Society for Human Resource Management. 


  • Ph.D., Yale University, 1982
  • Post doctoral: NIMH, Columbia University, 1983
  • BA, University of California, 1976 


  • Organizational programs in diversity and affirmative action; court decisions and employee reactions regarding such programs;
  • Judgment and decision making at the individual and group levels;
  • Perceptions of, and attitudes toward, corporate social responsibility.

AACSB specialty


Research and teaching interests


  • Reactions to affirmative action and diversity programs on the part of beneficiaries and nonbeneficiaries; the motivational, affective, and cognitive effects of different forms of affirmative action and diversity programs; International HRM and national values; Perceptions of, and attitudes toward, corporate social responsibility Management
  • Employees' reactions to organizational cutbacks;
  • Cognitive and affective influences on perceptions of corporate social responsibility;
  • National cultural influences on organizations' adoption of human resource management practices, including job design, performance appraisal, and flexible work arrangements.


  • Organizational Behavior
  • Organizational Change and Development
  • Human Resource Management
  • Business and Society
  • Decision Making


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