Ilitch School offers new digital marketing and analytics concentration

The Mike Ilitch School of Business will launch a new concentration in digital marketing and analytics (DMA) for marketing majors during the fall 2023 semester.

The concentration will prepare marketing students for a career in the digital marketing field by providing additional depth in specific functional areas of digital marketing beyond the major’s required courses. Students will learn advanced digital marketing and analytics techniques and how to demonstrate the value of digital practices to support business strategy.

Undergraduate marketing students wishing to declare the new DMA concentration will take four required major courses and will select two out of three new elective courses for a total of 18 credits.

Required Major Courses

MKT 5410            Marketing Research and Analysis, 3 credits

MKT 5450            Consumer Behavior, 3 credits

MKT 6996            Strategic Marketing, 3 credits

MKT 5800            Digital Marketing and Analytics, 3 credits

Elective Courses (select two of the following):

MKT 5511            Search Engine Marketing and Optimization, 3 credits      

MKT 5512            Social Media Marketing, 3 credits

MKT 5510            Media Planning in the Digital Age, 3 credits         

With this new addition, the Ilitch School now offers three specializations within the undergraduate Marketing concentration to help students tailor their program to better meet their interests and career goals.

To learn more about the DMA concentration or any other undergraduate business program, visit the Ilitch School of Business web site, contact the Frederick Hessler Student Success Center at 313-577-4505/313-577-4510 or email

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