Fox 13 News: Nick Mattar on problems at Twitter

There have been a lot of changes and talk about Twitter since Elon Musk took over. Most recently, Twitter’s relaunched premium service—which grants blue-check “verification” labels to anyone willing to pay $8 a month—was unavailable Friday after the social media platform was flooded by a wave of imposter accounts approved by Twitter. Nick Matter, who teaches digital marketing at the Mike Ilitch School of Business and is the associate director of marketing at the Wayne State University Graduate School, discusses the ongoing story. “It seems to change by the hour…when I checked last night, there were rumors that Musk wasn’t ruling out bankruptcy, there was talk about how many staff were getting laid off…I saw, strangely enough on Twitter, that not only was the communications team laid off, but also a lot of people that work in cybersecurity lost their jobs…it’s interesting to see how this is becoming a case study in what not to do after acquiring a business…”

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