Cassandra Davis accepted for publication in Journal of Public Policy and Marketing

Mike Ilitch School of Business Assistant Professor of Marketing Cassandra Davis has had an article accepted for publication in the Journal of Public Policy and Marketing, which publishes articles on current public policy subjects as well as enduring conceptual or empirical studies with public policy implications.

The article, titled “Addressing Barriers to Mental Health Wellness: Prescriptions for Marketing,” was co-authored by Elyria Kemp (University of New Orleans) and McDowell Porter (California State University – Fresno).


The rising number of adults living with emotional and mental health challenges is a growing concern. This research examines specific barriers that may preclude individuals from achieving mental health and wellness. A model (n = 382) is tested using individuals from the millennial generational cohort, which outlines key factors that contribute to negative behaviors and barriers that impede mental health engagement. Findings indicate that mental health-related perceived stigma is negatively associated with mental health engagement and positively related to efforts to self-treat by using consumption to manage emotional distress. Trust in a mental healthcare provider is positively related to interest in seeking help for a mental health condition (motivation) and mental health literacy (ability). Furthermore, interest in seeking help, mental health literacy, and access to mental health services (opportunity) are also positively related to mental health engagement. The authors offer prescriptions for social marketing and public policy in helping to reduce obstacles to mental health wellness and for encouraging the consumption of mental health services. These recommendations are put forth with the intention of heightening mental health engagement and increasing mental health care access such that consumer and societal well-being are enhanced.

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