Revanth Selvaraj

2017 Mike Ilitch School of Business 25 Under 25 winner

B.S. in Global Supply Chain and Finance expected December 2017

Revanth Selvaraj finds his mantra in the words of Ralph Waldo Emerson: "Life is a journey, not a destination." A high achiever from a young age, Revanth says that his motivation for top grades has undergone a significant shift over time, from external expectations to intrinsic confidence and passion to perform to the pinnacle of his potential. 

Today, he consistently earns a 4.0 GPA, lands himself on the Ilitch School Dean's List, and maintains his membership in the Wayne State Honors College. But he values these achievements for the day-to-day work that goes into them rather than for the end result.

In addition to his stellar academics, Revanth has held four internship positions; he carefully chose each one to improve a perceived weakness or amplify a strength. His first two were at software development and staffing company Kyyba, first as a computer analyst responsible for revamping infrastructure and refurbishing broken computers to induce cost savings, then as a business and marketing analyst to determine the feasibility of implementing social media marketing. He also interned as a purchasing analyst at Meritor, a position he credits with teaching him the most about real world supply chain practices and applications. He is currently an intern at investment firm Angle Advisors and has another purchasing internship lined for the summer with Nissan. 

"As a Global Supply Chain major, the concept of continuous improvement is crucial, and I believe I can apply that to myself," Revanth says. "By adding a double major in Finance, my goal is to encompass the synergy between the qualitative abstract nature of supply chain and the quantitative logical nature of finance in a cohesive manner."

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