Jack Floyd

2017 Mike Ilitch School of Business 25 Under 25 winner

B.S. in Global Supply Chain expected 2018

Jack Floyd holds himself to high academic standards. A member of Wayne State's Irvin D. Reid Honors College, he maintains a 4.0 GPA and plans to take all of his Global Supply Chain major classes as honors options, going above and beyond the minimum honors requirement.

In fall 2016, Jack was one of three students chosen to represent Wayne State at the Bowersox Undergraduate Supply Chain Competition held at Michigan State University, competing against a national field of 13 teams. While his academic path is focused on business, Jack also pursues liberal arts classes including history, anthropology and classics.

He currently serves on the boards of the Global Supply Chain Management Association (GSCMA) and the Business Student Senate. As a freshman, he acquired a GSCMA board position, and last fall he served as membership chair, overhauling the membership accountability process and coordinating events, meetings and membership outreach. On the Business Student Senate, Jack is the external affairs officer, as well as the student affairs committee head, a role through which he established and led a team that successfully threw a social event drawing more than 60 attendees.

Jack is one of a select handful of students who were invited to take part in the preliminary design of the new Ilitch School building, and one of two students selected to represent the Warriors Business Community on "Small Talk" with Mark S. Lee, airing on AM-1270. On the radio show, he discussed why he chose to attend Wayne State and the impact of Detroit's renaissance on the educational environment in Midtown. He is also a peer mentor on the Warriors Business Community living and learning floor, where he holds weekly mentoring sessions and organizes social events.

In the summer of 2016, Jack held a purchasing and logistics internship at RoyOMartin, a forest-products manufacturing company in Louisiana, where he earned hands-on experience in purchasing, logistics and inventory control, as well as a holistic forest-products industry education. He is currently taking a semester off from Wayne State to intern at Georgia Pacific in Green Bay, Wisconsin, where will be working in the company's transportation division (KBX Logistics).

"To be successful in business, you must be a multifaceted individual. If you know the numbers, you are an asset to your company. If you know the numbers, are emotionally intelligent and know how to lead, you are truly indispensable," Jack says. "During my time at Wayne State, I have not only striven to know the numbers, but to be an effective leader and successful young professional."

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