Heather Laskos

Heather Laskos


Academic Advisor






Mike Ilitch School of Business
Frederick Hessler Student Success Center
2771 Woodward Avenue
Suite 190
Detroit, MI 48201

Heather Laskos


Heather Laskos is an academic advisor with the Wayne State University Mike Ilitch School of Business. She earned her bachelor and master of social work degrees from WSU.

Heather has worked for a variety of nonprofit organizations. She served as a Medicaid specialist for juveniles in Wayne County and recently worked for the Institute of Infant and Childhood Mental Health at Tulane University.

After spending two years in New Orleans, Heather is thrilled to be back in the Detroit area and working at her alma mater. In her spare time, Heather has volunteered for Youth Run NOLA, Hollygrove Market & Farm, and Prime Time Family Reading Time.

150 years in the heart of Detroit