President Wilson named one of five Champions of the New Economy

For the eighth straight year, DBusiness selected five regional executives who are driving growth in highly competitive industries. Wayne State University President M. Roy Wilson, who was among the selected executives for 2017, discusses the impact the new Mike Ilitch School of Business building will have on the university and the business community.

"Soon after I got here, I was getting reports that the business community wasn’t as connected to us as they’d like to be. The new location is certainly one aspect of what we did to improve things, but we also improved our interaction with the business community in terms of learning about their needs and how, in part, that reflected on our curriculum," Wilson said. "Businesses in the city and region will get a steady stream of well-trained business school graduates who have been trained with general knowledge, but also, for example, very specific knowledge of the Ilitch business operations. Through internships and other programs, our students will get a very well-rounded education. That’s one reason why interest and enrollment in our business school is skyrocketing."


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