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Management Major

Modern organizations are complex and continually changing due to globalization, advancing technology and a highly diverse workforce. Our management major prepares students to face these challenges head-on and lead in organizations.

Today's managers must be able to deal with an ever-changing business environment. Management majors take a variety of courses to prepare them for success in a dynamic business world. Some covered subjects include:

  • Organizations and their external environments
  • Managing organizational change
  • Solving workplace problems creatively
  • Communicating effectively in a diverse work environment
  • Building and empowering effective teams
  • Developing conceptual and administrative skills
  • Managing organizations as integrated units under uncertain conditions

And with the flexibility of multiple campuses and online courses, you can personally tailor your educational experience. Management majors can even choose to complete all of there coursework at WSU's Schoolcraft Center in Livonia.

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