Yuxin Zhang

Yuxin Zhang


Assistant Professor of Information Systems Management




Mike Ilitch School of Business
2771 Woodward Avenue
Room 434
Detroit, MI 48201

Yuxin Zhang

Academic Programs

  • Information systems management


Ph.D., Information, Risk, and Operations Management, University of Texas at Austin (2020)
M.A., Statistics, Columbia University (2012)
B.Sc., Mathematics, Peking University (2010)

Research and teaching interests

Data-Driven Decision-Making, Business Analytics, Risk Management, Fin-tech, and Policy Analytics.


Published and accepted peer reviewed journal articles

Zhang, Y., and Xu, D. 2022 "The bus is arriving: Population growth and public transportation ridership in rural America". Journal of Rural Studies. 95: 467-474.

Xu, D., and Zhang, Y. 2022. "Immigrants’ language skills and carpooling as need-based social networking: Evidence from large-scale national survey data". Travel Behaviour and Society. 29: 236-245.

Xu, D., and Zhang, Y. 2022. "Identifying Ethnic Occupational Segregation". Journal of Population Economics. 35: 1261–1296.

Zhang, Y., and Brockett, P. 2020. "Modeling Stochastic Mortality for Joint Lives through Subordinators". Insurance: Mathematics and Economics. 95: 166-172.

Articles under review

Zhang, Y., Garg, R., Brockett, P., and Golden, L. "Disaster Analytics for Rapid Relief Fund Allocation: an Iterative Damage Estimation Framework". (second round, Information System Research)

Working paper

Zhang, Q., and Zhang, Y. "Can We Trust Strangers? Strangers Based P2P Insurance and Telemetics".

Zhang, Y., Garg, R., Golden, L., Brockett, P., and Sharma, A. "Segmenting Bitcoin Transaction Networks for Price Movement Prediction".

Zhang, Y., and Xu, D. "Who Joins Which Network, and Why?"

Book chapter

Brockett, P., and Zhang, Y. 2021. "Actuarial (Mathematical) Modeling of Human Mortality". Handbook of the Mathematics of the Arts and Sciences, Springer.


Courses taught by Yuxin Zhang

Winter Term 2023

Fall Term 2022

Winter Term 2022

Fall Term 2021