Sean Schroeder

Sean Schroeder


Senior Corporate Relations Officer





Mike Ilitch School of Business
2771 Woodward Avenue, Room 406
Detroit, MI 48201

Sean Schroeder


As the Ilitch School's Senior Corporate Relations Officer, Sean works to cultivate and steward relationships with corporate partners, supporting the school's strategic goals and vision both philanthropically and in-kind. Sean coordinates and manages events, projects, and campaigns that showcase the school's programs, faculty, and students, and demonstrate the impact and value of corporate giving and engagement.

Sean earned a Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Media Studies from Wayne State University in 2021, where he graduated with honors and received the Academy of Scholars Award for his oral presentation on food insecurity and accessibility in urban areas. Sean is passionate about using communication principles to advance social causes and enact positive change in the community. In previous roles, Sean has led transformative projects that strengthened data integrity, increased stewardship activities, and streamlined donation operations to ensure a positive donor experience. Sean brings a solid foundation in data-driven decision making, holistic donor stewardship, relationship building, and has a deep passion for fulfilling a donor's vision.

When he is not working at the Ilitch School, Sean spends time in the building as a student pursuing an Master's of Business Administration.