Marleena Provost

Marleena Provost


Office Receptionist



Mike Ilitch School of Business
429 Main Desk Reception
Deans Suite

Marleena Provost


Marleena Provost is a Receptionist in the Deans Suite for the Mike Ilitch School of Business. She has been employed at Wayne State University since 2017. Over the years she has advanced her skills by working in various roles at Wayne State -including the following positions and departments:

  • Data Analyst: African American Studies
  • P3 Coordinator: School of Medicine
  • Academic and Student Programs & Medical Admissions Front Office Receptionist: Schoolcraft College

Marleena also has a financial background previously working fulltime in banking for 11 years as a financial Analyst and Administrative Assistant.

She enjoys her present duties as the first point of contact in the Deans Suite, welcoming faculty, interviewees, students, and everyone who enters with a professional demeanor and pleasant smile.