Michael Moore

Michael Moore


Part-time Faculty in Information Systems Management



Michael Moore

Academic Programs

  • Information systems management


Master of Science, Project Management
Regis University, 2008, Graduate Honors

Bachelor of Science, Health Systems Management
Ferris State University, 1993, Cum Laude

Associate of Arts
Macomb Community College, 1992, Magna Cum Laude

Associate of Applied Science - Data Processing
Macomb Community College, 1981, Summa Cum Laude


 As of July 2017...

The following 'Biography' contains many instances of  'I have…';   it is offered as a brief, colorful and introductory  recap of my 38 years of IT experience.

Having worked in IT since 1979, I have a wealth of practical experience.  Starting out as a computer operator, I progressed into programming, systems analysis and management.  My experience ranges from supporting archaic systems with punched paper tape input to leading a large, multi-million dollar implementation utilizing off-shore resources located in Manila.

I have pulled cabling through suspended ceilings -and under raised floors, done data entry when that's what needed to be done, flown to remote sites to debug data communication problems using complex and unfamiliar diagnostic equipment and responded to many 3am support calls when batch jobs aborted.  I have written and debugged complex programs and crafted IT policies and procedures. 

My experience includes working at two entrepreneurial start-up companies.  In both instances I was there at the very beginning and helped both companies build their IT environments from the ground up –helping both progress through an R&D stage to be viable and profitable companies.   I have worked at small companies, large companies and for IT consulting companies.   I have even been deposed in an arbitration hearing for a failed implementation.

From an operational perspective, I have managed IT support in multiple 24x7 environments. 

I have worked with our internal legal team to interpret federal regulations into actionable tasks –and led a multi-state IT team in the HIPAA compliance efforts of a $6B healthcare organization.

From a change management perspective, I have gotten several very large and complex IT projects defined, organized, off the ground –and then seen them through to a successful conclusion.   The most recent project I led was a $23M data center consolidation effort involving 550 application environments on 6,000 servers, data centers in four states, 36 separate vendors –and approximately 80,000 man-hours of effort.  I have led two different large-scale projects that utilized offshore resources, one with resources in India, the other with resources in The Philippines.

My 38 years work experience includes 31 years in the healthcare industry and 35 years in IT management.  During this time I have authored and edited many technical and business‑oriented documents and have had several articles published.   In working through my formal education, I have obtained four degrees from three different institutions.