Hanan Alhaddi

Hanan Alhaddi


Part-Time Faculty in Management



Hanan Alhaddi

Academic Programs

  • Management


Strategic management 

Corporate strategy 



Postgrad Diploma in Strategy & Innovation, University of Oxford, 2020

Master's Degree, Management, Harvard University, 2018 

Doctor of Business Administration, LTU, 2013

Master's Degree, Engineering Management, LTU, 2008

Master's Degree, Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering, WSU, 2005 

Bachelor's Degree, Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering, WSU, 2004 


Dr. Alhaddi has an extensive experience in the automotive industry working in manufacturing and corporate strategy. Her published research focuses on strategic positioning and sustainability. She is keen on integrating theory and practice in delivering a learning style that is both informative and dynamic. Her current research interests revolve around strategizing for mature organizations during industry paradigm shits. Her research has been published in a number of academic journals including California Management Review. Dr. Alhaddi is an Associate Editor for the Journal of Management and Strategy and holds postgraduate and professional credentials in strategic management and disruptive strategy from Harvard University and Univeristy of Oxford.