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Undergraduate Business Foundation Courses

The undergraduate business program includes Wayne State's general education requirements, business foundation, core, major, and elective courses.

The business school also has specific general education requirements for undergraduate students.

All undergraduate business students are required to take the following business foundation courses, regardless of their major.

Each course is three credit hours unless noted otherwise. Students are responsible for observing all prerequisites.  Course details are available by clicking each course link.


ACC 3010  Introduction to Financial Accounting
ACC 3020  Introduction to Managerial Accounting


BA 2020  Introduction to Business

Business Law

BLW 2510  Business Law I


ECO 2010  Principles of Microeconomics
ECO 2020  Principles of Macroeconomics


ENG 1020  Introductory College Writing
ENG 3010  Intermediate Writing


MAT 1500  College Algebra for the Social and Management Sciences


BA 2300  Quantitative Methods I: Probability and Statistical Inference