Ayan Bhattacharyya

Ayan Bhattacharyya


Ph.D. Student/Graduate Student (ABD)




Mike Ilitch School of Business
2771 Woodward Avenue
Room 450
Detroit, MI 48201

Ayan Bhattacharyya

Academic Programs

  • Marketing

Research and teaching interests

  • Research
    • Consumer Behavior and Psychology
    • Cross-national Consumer Behavior
    • Online Marketing
    • Price Promotion
  • Teaching
    • Marketing Research
    • Principles of Marketing


M.S., Louisiana State University, 2011
B.E., RTM Nagpur University, India, 2010


After having worked as an international marketing professional for close to 5 years, Ayan decided to come back to school to pursue his dream of having a career in academia. As a professional, he worked with clients globally; a responsibility that required him to extensively travel the middle east and also facilitated his interactions with people of different countries, cultures and backgrounds.

Ayan now wishes to use this experience to study consumer behaviour. He is currently pursuing research in the fields of pricing and international business.

He lives in Detroit, MI with his wife. He is a voracious reader, and a big movie buff. He also loves to travel in his spare time.


  •  Yoruk I, Bhatacharyya A, and Yaprak A, “Re-visiting the Perceived Brand Globalness and Perceived Local Iconness Paradox: Current State of Knowledge and Changing Dynamics Across Nations”, Academy of International Business, Copenhagen, June 2019.
  • Yoruk I, Bhatacharyya A, and Yaprak A, “Does the Coutnry of Origin Information Influence Global, Foreign, and Local Consumer Culture Positioning? Evidence from China's COO in the United States”, Academy of International Business, June 2020.



  •  Thomas C. Rumble University Graduate Fellowship, 2020-2021