Min-Jeong Kwon

Min-Jeong Kwon


Part-Time Faculty in Finance


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Min-Jeong Kwon

Academic Programs

  • Finance


 Corporate Finance, Corporate Social Responsibility, Share repurchases, Divestitures


• University of Seoul, South Korea
Master of Economics

• University of Seoul, South Korea
Bachelor of Economics

Research and teaching interests

• Research interests
Empirical Corporate Finance, Corporate Social Responsibility, Share repurchases, Divestitures, Behavioral Finance, Top Management Team (TMT)

• Teaching interests
Corporate Finance, Investments, International Finance, Sustainable Finance, Personal Finance


 • Datta, S., Doan, T., Guha, A., Iskandar-Datta, M., and Kwon, M.J. (2022), CFO Credentials, Stock Market Signaling, and Firm Performance. International Journal of Managerial Finance.

• Jha, A., Kulchania, M. and Kwon, M.J. (2022), Stock repurchasing and corporate social responsibility. Journal of Financial Stability, 62, p.101071.


• Does Ethical Culture Affect Stock Repurchasing? (with Anand Jha and Manoj Kulchania) at Southwestern Finance Association, New Orleans, March 2022

• Stock Repurchasing and Corporate Social Responsibility (with Anand Jha and Manoj Kulchania) at Financial Management Association, Atlanta, Oct 2022


 “Does Ethical Culture Affect Stock Repurchasing? (with Anand Jha and Manoj Kulchania)” – The Best Paper by a Doctoral Student in Corporate Finance at Southwestern Finance Association (SWFA) 2022

Courses taught by Min-Jeong Kwon

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Spring-Summer Term 2022

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