Selvana Evans

Selvana Evans


Academic Advisor





Mike Ilitch School of Business
Frederick Hessler Student Success Center
2771 Woodward Avenue
Suite 190
Detroit, MI 48201

Selvana Evans


Selvana is originally from the Flint area and has lived in metro Detroit all of her adult life. She earned her bachelor of science in psychology from Rochester College and her master's degree in sports administration from Wayne State University.

She says she is thrilled to be working in a city of diversity and growth. Wayne State University’s Mike Ilitch School of Business resembles that perfectly.

Every day, Selvana works with future leaders who are engaged in the classroom and passionate about their education. Selvana enjoys working in higher education and has a passion for helping students to achieve their academic and personal goals. She enjoys encouraging and pushing students to achieve their goals.

In her free time, Selvana enjoys fitness, spending time with friends and family, especially her kids. Please feel free to visit her for more information on the Mike Ilitch School of Business!