WSU business school welcomes all students back to campus in style

Just to be sure that new and returning students start the new year full of ample food and school spirit, the WSU School of Business Administration followed up the university’s annual FestiFall celebration with a welcome back party of its own.

The B-School Back to School Bash was open to all Wayne State students and featured free food, beverages and door prizes in the Prentis Building Fishbowl.

Beyond just food and freebies, the bash was intended to encourage students to get involved early on in their WSU career. Event host and SBA faculty member Timothy Butler introduced students to a wide variety of resources and student organizations, both within the business school and across campus.

"Wayne State is a great place to be, but you only get out of it what you put into it," Butler told the crowd of roughly 150 students.

In addition to Tim and Beverly Butler, the B-School Back to School Bash was hosted by SBA Dean Bob Forsythe and the school’s leadership team.

Visit the School of Business Administration Flickr page for a photo gallery of the event.

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