WJBK Fox 2: Marick Masters on UAW strike update

Wayne State business professor Marick Masters offered updates regarding the UAW strike against General Motors. Masters said there is a distinct possibility that the strike could continue for quite a bit longer depending on two factors. If the parties are not too far apart in their final offers that have come out, and if the subcommittees have resolved a good deal of the issues, it is very likely there may be a settlement this week. “Clearly it is important to remember that the U.S. based companies, the detroit 3, produce about 77 percent of the cars that they sell in the united states, and that's a pretty high volume of production,” Masters said. “I think what the UAW wants is for them to literally produce 100 percent of those cars that they sell in the United States, and I don't think that's realistic at this point in time. And I think the bottom line is this, if they can get their labor costs more competitive, they'll be able to invest more in the United States. If they don't, then they're not going to invest more in the United States. just that simple.”

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