Wayne State marketing faculty honored for lasting impact in their field

An important part of being an academic is conducting research in one’s specialized field to further advance the knowledge of that area of study. Of the thousands of journal articles published each year by professors and independent scholars, only a very small percentage are recognized as having made a significant contribution to the literature of a subject area.

Mike Ilitch School of Business Adcraft/Simons Endowed Professor Emeritus Hugh Cannon and Professor of Marketing Attila Yaprak recently achieved that recognition for their 2002 article, titled “Will the Real World Citizen Please Stand Up! The Many Faces of Cosmopolitan Consumer Behavior.” Published in the Journal of International Marketing, their paper was one of only five articles nominated for the 2019 Hans B. Thorelli award from among the hundreds of articles published in that journal between 1992 and 2014. Given by the American Marketing Association, the award honors that article published in JIM five or more years ago that has made the most significant and long-term contribution to international marketing knowledge.

The abstract of Cannon and Yaprak’s original article, titled “Will the Real World Citizen Please Stand Up! The Many Faces of Cosmopolitan Consumer Behavior” (Journal of International Marketing, 10 (4), pps. 30-52) can be found below.

“The continuing globalization of marketing activities has given considerable impetus to the study of cosmopolitanism as a consumer behavior construct. Most recent research has focused on the normative activities of cosmopolites as consumers who seek to broaden their cultural horizons by immersing themselves in a breadth of local cultural experiences. Although this is true of some cosmopolites in some circumstances, it is not a general characteristic. This article returns to the original meaning of cosmopolitanism as presented (independently) by Merton and Gouldner in the late 1950s, examining the concept in light of subsequent research and the social forces that have tended to promote an increasingly cosmopolitan perspective. Several patterns of cosmopolitan behavior are proposed, only one of which is a normative search for culturally broadening experiences. Finally, managerial implications are offered for marketing practitioners.”

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