Want to start the next Spotify? Spring/summer entrepreneurship courses are for you!

The Mike Ilitch School of Business offers courses in entrepreneurship and innovation (EI) throughout the year. These courses are open to every major and to business and non-business students. In addition to the introductory course, this spring and summer we will offer courses covering all kinds of exciting EI topics, including:

  • EI 5900/7800, Social Entrepreneurship: Designed for students who are thinking about starting or scaling a social enterprise, as well as those students who are just curious about the field and who want to explore career opportunities. Entrepreneurship applied to protracted social problems like poverty, food insecurity and sustainability.
  • EI 5600/7600, Marketing New Ventures: A deep dive into the marketing issues related to getting a new venture positioned, launched and moving along a growth trajectory. Examines differences in marketing new ventures from startups and new products/offerings from established companies.
  • FIN 5280, Entrepreneur's Ecosystem: Explore funding via microloans, crowdfunding, angel funding, and various types of venture capital. Examines the challenges of financing and structuring a deal with investors. Students will attend a symposium where startups pitch to investors.
  • EI 5900/7800, Starting Music Businesses (New for Summer 2019): Social and technological shifts have changed how musicians make and share music. Entire industries have developed around this new paradigm, and entrepreneurs find brilliant new ways for fans to interact with artists. This course will offer students the opportunity to work in teams to “spin up” and test ideas. Teams will explore the process of entrepreneurship relating to music in depth. You will test your idea in front of real customers, and understand how to iterate and continue growing.

The Mike Ilitch School of Business invites you to explore this growing field and learn more about the many opportunities that the study of entrepreneurship and innovation will open for you. Entrepreneurs and innovators are critical to the long-term health and prosperity of our economy and society. So, let us help you start something!

Check out our complete course offerings, learn more about the undergraduate certificate, the graduate certificate and the M.B.A. concentration. Contact your advisor or the Mike Ilitch School of Business Entrepreneurship and Innovation program advisor for more information or attend one of the information sessions or events that will be scheduled throughout the year. We hope to see you soon!

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