VoyageDenver: Sarah Goodlaxson on marketing career, journey to help womxn-owned businesses


Ilitch School alumna Sarah Goodlaxson, B.S. ’15, founder of Modern Co. Marketing, discussed her journey from childhood in a society that undervalued women to founding a marketing company with a mission to help as many womxn as possible build their businesses.

”Modern Co. Marketing specializes in digital marketing, branding, content creation and marketing strategy. The mission is to help as many womxn-owned businesses as humanly possible,” said Goodlaxson. “I’m incredibly proud of the connections and relationships that are built with each client. Through my life experiences, which feel like multiple lifetimes, I’m better able to help each incredible womxn I’m honored to call my client. We build truly authentic relationships and connect on a deeper level than you’ll find in most business environments and their results show how powerful that truly is. When I say that I’m grateful for every step of the way, I mean it!”

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