UberPITCH to deliver investors to Detroit entrepreneurs

Uber — the popular ride service — is offering metro Detroit entrepreneurs a chance to make 10-minute pitches to investors, in -- what else? -- a moving car. It’s unclear whether the event, dubbed UberPITCH -- which is set for 1-5 p.m. Wednesday, in a designated zone of downtown Detroit -- will lead to any actual deals; or, if it is merely a promotion aimed at marketing the San Francisco-based company to new riders. In the past few years, Pitch competitions and events for entrepreneurs have become popular, with even a prime-time network show, "Shark Tank," based on the concept. Just last month Wayne State University business students pitched ideas while riding up and down the elevator in the Renaissance Center. The Ren Cen also happens to be the city's tallest building. The students practiced their presentations and competed for prizes of scholarship money.

Detroit Free Press

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