Top 5 reasons to take introductory accounting (ACC 3010) at the Ilitch School

  1. Revamped syllabus that offers more extra credit opportunities
    A more approachable course load means there’s a better opportunity for you to pass the class. More extra credit opportunities make it easier to earn the grade you want.
  2. Great faculty with some new faces
    Wayne State grad Olta Sota (M.B.A. ’19 and B.B.A. ’13) and Wayne State Physicians Group CFO Diana Goode join Dr. Deb Jones, Victoria Swiencicki and Stacy Kramp to bring fresh faces to the class.
  3. Internship opportunities
    CPA firms and corporations are always looking for the next generation of talented people to hire, and getting a good grade in ACC 3010 is an important step in the right direction.
  4. Learn Microsoft Excel as a business tool
    Even if you have a basic understanding of Excel, this course will unlock a deeper skillset so you’ll be better prepared to fully utilize Excel as a tool in the business world. This specialized knowledge is what’ll set you apart from everyone else with only basic familiarity.
  5. Learn accounting!
    To become a good business leader or even an entrepreneur, it’s essential that you understand financial information. It’s part of being a well-rounded business professional!

The Ilitch School’s Department of Accounting offers ACC 3010 every semester. Registration for winter semester begins the week of October 28. Students who still aren’t sure if ACC 3010 should schedule an appointment with an Ilitch School advisor. Current students may use the Advising Works system to schedule an appointment. Prospective or newly admitted students should call 313-577-4505 to make an advising appointment.

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