Tim Butler speaks at university convocation in Poland

In October 2017, Professor Tim Butler spoke at the opening convocation of the International University of Logistics and Transport (IULT) in Wroclaw, Poland. The event kicks off the academic year.

The Mike Ilitch School of Business global supply chain management program has a longstanding relationship with IULT.

"Our students travel to Wroclaw as part of our study abroad programs, and IULT brings students to our annual case competition. We also work together with the Automotive Industry Action Group," Butler said.  

His convocation speech was titled "Stimulating Innovation." The audience included government officials, officials from other universities, IULT professors, executives of companies IULT cooperates with, as well as students, alumni and parents. 

Butler also gave presentations and lectures at the university. 

His travel was funded through Erasmus-Plus, a European grant that IULT received. The grant funds a non-European faculty member traveling to Europe for a scholarly purpose.