The strength of Detroit

Jeff Stoltman, Wayne State University associate professor of marketing, was interviewed by Detroiter Magazine for a story about Detroit reshaping its brand as it navigates the nation’s largest municipal bankruptcy. Stoltman said while this is a negative situation for Detroit, Detroiters should use this time to show all the positive things happening in the city.

“On the one hand the storyline isn’t always great, but it’s an opportunity to massage that storyline, to correct the storyline, to amplify the great stories and try to shift the narrative and I see that happening,” Stoltman said.

“A brand is something that when people look at it they understand its purpose and the promise behind it,” he said. “The Detroit brand is not something you can just grab in a sound bite because there are such contrasts about what’s happening.”

Detroiter Magazine, September/October 2013 (available by subscription only)

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