Technology-based solutions to health care among Techonomy Detroit themes

Health care tailored specifically to the needs of a community through use of technology could be a way to curb costs and provide better treatment, said Mark Bertolini, Aetna Inc. CEO and Wayne State University School of Business 2010 Distinguished Alumnus Awardee, at the fourth annual Techonomy Detroit conference. This might mean a nurse works on call out of her house eight hours a day to provide medical care to those in her neighborhood. For example, for a community with a sizable population of diabetics that care might come in the form of diabetes education.  

“What we have now doesn’t work,” he said. “It’s wasteful and costly.” Bertolini was one of a few dozen speakers who addressed what is possible in business, government and society as a result of new and fast-changing technology. The conference, held at Wayne State University Law School, took a high-level look at how technology is changing work and life in the U.S. and its cities.

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