Scott Tainsky published in Journal of Sport Management

Associate Professor of Management and Director of Sport and Entertainment Management Scott Tainsky had an article published in the Journal of Sport Management. It is available online ahead of print. 

The article, "Shared Market Competition and Broadcast Viewership in the National Football League," was co-authored with Michael Mondello of the University of South Florida and Brian M. Mills of the University of Florida.

The peer-reviewed Journal of Sport Management is the official journal of the North American Society for Sport Management. Its content covers  the management, governance, and consumption of sport, such as: organizational theory, behavior, and strategy; sport operations; law and policy; economics, finance, and accounting; marketing, consumer behavior, sponsorship, advertising, and licensing; media, communications, and public relations; sport tourism; facility and event management; and gender and diversity.


This work evaluates the cross-quality elasticity of related products in the context of Nielsen Local People Meter ratings of all regular season broadcasts from 2010 through 2013 from six National Football League teams in three shared markets. Using a fixed effects panel regression, we do not uncover evidence that viewers are swayed by the success of a rival market team in their aggregate viewership patterns, contrary to what has been found in Major League Baseball. In addition, when within-market rivals play one another, we find that viewership levels increase but in a way that indicates considerable overlap of viewership and possible substitution choices made by consumers. We expand upon the implications of this work for demand estimation in sports economics research as well as the importance of our findings to sport management-related policy.