Retirement mind shift: Invest in yourself

Pensions are disappearing according to a new survey from the PNC Financial Services Group. About 64 percent of those who are retired have a pension, while only about 43 percent of those who are not yet retired and still working said they have a pension.

“After the financial crisis five years ago, many baby boomers now need to invest in themselves and their own vision,” said Thomas Palka, WSU School of Business Administration finance alumnus. 

Palka is developing and marketing his own dream called “The Money Shift,” an enterprise that consists of a book, board game and pending mobile game. “The Money Shift” enterprise focuses on incorporating real-life scenarios when it comes to dealing with finances for teenagers and adults. A Kickstarter campaign will run through Oct. 14 to raise money for the mobile game.

Palka said people need to shift into a different frame of mind if they want to one day have enough money to retire.

Detroit Free Press

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