New Class Offers Practical, Hands-On Marketing Experience for Undergrad and Grad Students

Marketing professor Richard Beltramini is spearheading a unique learning opportunity for business students through a new course debuting this fall semester. The course, Integrated Marketing Communications Strategy, will be an avenue for advanced undergraduate and MBA students to combine academic learning for a grade and credit with practical experience to build their resume or portfolio.

Students in this new course will have an opportunity to work with a new business start-up associated with Automation Alley. Both advanced undergraduates and MBA students will work together in teams to indentify challenges facing the business and develop an overall integrated marketing and communications strategy to address these challenges. By the end of the semester the teams will have developed a series of integrated marketing and communications pieces supporting their strategy. This may include advertisements, brochures, press releases, employee training materials, consumer education materials, and so forth. 
Each team will provide both a report and a formal, multi-media presentation to their client. Clients will be encouraged to actually run the materials students generate, providing the students with portfolio examples to illustrate their application of classroom instruction—noted as essential by HR professionals as a significant technique in securing permanent employment in today’s economy.
Students interested in applying coursework in a real world learning environment, and contributing to the development of the local economy by growing entrepreneurial businesses, should enroll in MKT 5850 (undergraduates) or MKT 7870 (graduate/MBA) today. Course participants are assumed to be familiar with basic integrated marketing communications principles.
Anyone interested in learning more may also contact Dr. Richard Beltramini at for additional information.

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