New advising system for business students

The School of Business Administration’s Office of Undergraduate Student Services is launching a new online advising scheduling system to better serve business majors.

The Wayne Advising Management System, or WAMS, is the new online system undergraduate students can use to schedule appointments with advisors in the School of Business Administration. Students can begin scheduling their appointments on Monday, October 7.

James Lee, systems integrator for WSU’s Division of Computing and Information Technology, was the core developer of WAMS.

Lee said the big advantage of WAMS is that it allows students to book and cancel appointments online. The previous system would require students to either email or call to schedule an appointment, creating more work for both student and advisor.

WAMS originally was launched on campus in December 2012 for the University Advising Center. Lee said that WAMS has reduced their no-show rate by 50 percent. 

When a student does cancel, the system allows advisors to use the cancellation to serve another student in need.

“Since WAMS creates availability in real time, last-minute cancelations become last-minute availability,” Lee said.

The School of Business Administration is the first school or college to use WAMS for internal advising.

WAMS is a responsive site. The system allows students a two week window of availability to select appointment dates. A confirmation email will be sent to the student and contains a cancelation link.

“Our advisors are the front line for students to get help with their career goals and academic success,” said Linda Zaddach, assistant dean of student services in the School of Business Administration. “This system will help them perform these services even more effectively and efficiently.”

Business students can find instructions on making appointments through WAMS at

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