Marketing professor to be published in distinguished journal

Kmart Endowed Chair and Professor of Marketing Abhijit Biswas had his paper titled "Celebrity endorsements in emerging markets: Align endorsers with brands or with consumers?" accepted for publication in the Journal of International Business, a highly acclaimed journal ranked No. 1 by Google Scholar in International Business. This is Dr. Biswas' third major acceptance to a prestigious academic journal since November 2017 and sixth in the Financial Times' top 50 journals since 2011. 

Dr. Biswas received his Ph.D. from the University of Houston, and his research interests include consumer perceptions of price promotion, consumer decision making and regret, and source expertise and advertising effectiveness. In addition to his own research, Dr. Biswas is on the editorial board of several academic journals, including the Journal of Marketing, Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, Journal of Retailing, Journal of Business Research and Journal of Advertising. 


In this paper, we examine country-of-origin (CO) effects as related to celebrity endorsements. Across multiple studies in emerging markets (EMs), we show that consumers’ evaluations depend on the match between (i) celebrity-CO and consumer-CO (termed consumer CO fit), and (ii) celebrity-CO and brand-CO (termed brand CO fit). If there is a trade-off between consumer CO fit and brand CO fit, we identify contingencies (e.g., ethnocentrism levels) which determine which type of CO-fit leads to higher evaluations. In doing so, we note prescriptions for segmentation in EMs, and highlight where these prescriptions differ from those prescribed in prior international business research.

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