Management professor, PhD student to be published in Group and Organization Management journal

Associate Professor Amanuel Teklaeb and Ph.D. student Lyonel Laulie had a paper officially accepted for publication in Group & Organization Management (GOM). The paper, "A Multi-level Theory of Psychological Contract Fulfillment (PCF) in Teams" focuses on one of Tekleab's main streams of research. GOM is currently a solid B in the school list and has a 7% acceptance rate, which is comparable to A+ journals in the field.


A recent focus on social contexts in the psychological contracts literature has provided the bases for the study of psychological contract fulfillment (PCF) at higher levels of analysis. Continuing these efforts, we develop a model of two key constructs of PCF at the team level: shared team PCF and shared individual PCF. In this article, we provide definitions and theorize about the processes that govern the emergence of these constructs. In addition, we discuss enabling factors for the emergence of the constructs and conceptually differentiate them from other related team-level constructs. We also propose a nomological network of the relationships of shared team PCF and shared individual PCF with important team-level variables, considering at the same time the interplay between individual and collective phenomena. The model provides new insights about antecedents and outcomes of PCF constructs at the team level. Finally, we discuss theoretical and practical implications as well as directions for future research.


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