Josh Linkner, chairman of ePrize, teaches business students how to fuel creativity

Josh LinknerJosh Linkner, founder and chairman of the Pleasant Ridge-based interactive promotions company ePrize, presented a special guest lecture about creativity to an intimate group of business students on September 29.

A four-time entrepreneur and respected jazz musician, Linkner has an aptitude for bridging the gap between the arts and business to maximize creative potential. And it’s working. According to PROMO magazine, ePrize became the fastest growing promotions agency under Linkner’s leadership.

Original thoughts, ideas and imagination are the new currency in the business world, according to Linkner. His mission is to make the world more creative by providing powerful, fun and practical techniques to jumpstart creative energies.

Linkner shares these techniques through inspiring speeches, workshops, consulting and writings. His second book, Disciplined Dreaming: A Proven System for Breakthrough Creativity, will be released in February.

The author’s presentation to Wayne State students offered a preview of some of the ideas highlighted in the book. He illustrated examples of how passion and ideas, and even failure and barriers, can fuel creativity and drive results.

For those who could not attend the event, learn more and download a free eBook at Linker’s website, The Creativity Generation.

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