Jackson County Legal News: Undergraduate studies help Ilitch School alumnus transition to legal career

TJ Kulfan originally set his sights on becoming a journalist, following in the footsteps of his father, sportswriter Ted Kulfan, who covers the Detroit Red Wings for The Detroit News. “I wanted to be a journalist like him until I was a senior in high school,” Kulfan says. “I even wrote for my high school newspaper; I covered sports and other miscellaneous topics the editor would select for me.” Kulfan’s mother Angela, a sales manager for AAA Living, previously was a Senior Sales Director for the Detroit News Media Partnership for 25 years, and so writing and journalism have always been around his upbringing. “I was attracted to the idea of writing on big events and providing a voice to those that might not have the ability to speak on their own. However, I drifted away from that when I began my undergraduate studies and became far more attracted to the legal realm as I began to learn more about it,” Kulfan says. When Kulfan was selecting an undergraduate program, Wayne State University was finalizing the plan to develop the Mike Ilitch School of Business campus in downtown Detroit.  “I saw that new investment as an exciting opportunity to learn from some of the area’s best business minds right in the heart of Detroit,” he says. “My undergraduate experience opened doors for me to work both in global corporations and local non-profits, and the lessons I was able to learn from each have been invaluable as I make the transition into my legal career.”  

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