Ilitch School student interns at Fox Sports Detroit

Mike Ilitch School of Business student Austin Shepherd is already living his dream of covering sports through his internship at Fox Sports Detroit.

Shepherd is a dual honors major in finance and marketing. At Fox Sports Detroit, he is responsible for covering the Detroit Pistons and Red Wings live on Twitt er, Instagram and Facebook, capturing behind-the-scenes footage during player and coaching interviews, updating social platform analytics and data and assisting in posting written and multimedia content.

“From this internship, I’ve learned more about the other side of sports,” he said. “I never thought about the business side of things. Now, I see it firsthand in the media room. It gives me a new perspective on sports.”

Shepherd previously held internships as a marketing intern for Jackson County and Quicken Loans while being the marketing director for the York Project, a social streetwear company.

Since he was very young, Shepherd was always drawn to a career in the sports arena. At Lansing Community College, he was an All-American track athlete in the 800-meter run. Outside of campus-related activities and his internships, Shepherd volunteered as a youth basketball coach and Gus Macker basketball operations referee.

“My parents raised my brothers and I on sports and respect for others with a high bar set for what grades needed to be obtained in our studies,” he said. “The combo of these instilled core values in all of us that will forever continue to impact our lives in positive manners. I’m very grateful for my parents, and the thing I’m most proud of in my life are my three little brothers.”

After graduation, Shepherd plans to pursue a career in the business side of sports.

“My internship and the Ilitch School have allowed me to network with people in the business of sports all around Detroit,” he said. “It allows me to be a part of all the action.”

For students interested in top internship opportunities, Shepherd said they should stand out and make sure potential employers know what they bring to the table.

“Always be original and bring a lot of energy,” he said. “Be who you are and master that.” 

Students in the Mike Ilitch School of Business who are interested in learning more about internship opportunities should contact the school’s Career Planning & Placement Office.

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