Ilitch School offers new healthcare supply chain management course for fall 2020

A new special topics course in healthcare supply chain management will be offered by the Mike Ilitch School of Business this fall to both undergraduate (GSC 5670) and graduate (GSC 7670) students. It will be taught by Lecturer in Global Supply Chain Management Kevin Ketels

The 11-week online course will be an introduction to industries and disciplines within healthcare supply chain management. Given the current global health crisis, this course will be useful for anybody who has an interest in better understanding some of the unique challenges of operating in the healthcare industry with a special focus on disciplines within supply chain management.

Students will obtain an understanding of the healthcare industry by learning about medical devices, supplies, pharmaceuticals and hospital supply chain administration. This knowledge can be applied to careers in the healthcare supply chain industry or healthcare management.

“With the onset of COVID-19, the challenges in healthcare delivery and supply chain management have become critical in managing the crisis and also charting a path for economic recovery,” said Ketels. “We need to scale our healthcare system to handle the ongoing needs of the pandemic while also delivering other critical and routine care. Disaster preparedness will also be studied, because we must make plans to try and prevent or mitigate the next potential episode.”

The class will be taught with livestream lectures and discussions with video recordings made available to those who aren’t able to tune in live. The major topics include medical device manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, lean principles in healthcare, quality management, logistics, hospital materials management, purchasing and disaster preparedness. 

For more information please contact Kevin Ketels or contact an Ilitch School academic advisor.

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