Ilitch Business School to offer digital video creation class in fall 2018

It's estimated that streaming video currently makes up 57 percent of all consumer internet traffic, and it is expected to increase to 79 percent by 2020. Users upload 300 hours of new video to YouTube every minute and view almost 5 billion videos every day. Customers expect to find video content on company websites, and they are 64 percent more likely to purchase a product after watching a video. Organizations big and small are looking for employees who can develop compelling videos to meet their customer’s demand for video consumption.

Here is where the Mike Ilitch School of Business comes in. A new course, Special Topics in Information Systems: Digital Video Creation and Analytics (ISM 5670 / ISM 8000), will be offered for both undergraduate and graduate students in fall 2018.

The active learning class, taught by information systems management faculty member and Director of Computing Services Richard Lerman, will help students articulate the value of digital video in the enterprise and emerging video trends. Additionally, students will be able to learn shooting techniques such as lighting and sound.

“Most of us already own a camera or smartphone that can shoot digital video,” Lerman said. “This course will help you use that device to create professional looking video to post on YouTube or another website, and analyze its impact."

To register for classes for the fall 2018 semester, please visit


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