Ilitch Business M.B.A. students selected as WSU 2020-21 graduate ambassadors


The Wayne State University Graduate School has welcomed its 2020-21 class of graduate ambassadors. This year’s class includes Mike Ilitch School of Business M.B.A. students Aaron Crump and Simon Mourani.

In exchange for tuition scholarships, members of the Graduate Ambassador Program volunteer with events, webinars and other meetings with prospective students. They also write original articles and serve as social media liaisons for the Graduate School.

Graduate ambassadors were asked why they chose to attend graduate school, what they like most about Detroit and what makes them proudest to be Warriors.

Crump: “Wayne State University students know what it means to be Warrior Strong. Here, students are parents and workers—we know what it takes to get a job done and to be the best in our field. I wanted to be a graduate ambassador because at times, being a graduate student is hard to navigate. I wanted to be that person who helps make students' transition to graduate school as easy as possible.”

Mourani: “I fell in love with Detroit because here, community matters. People take care of each other. When we say Detroit vs Everybody, we say it from our hearts. Whether enjoying events downtown or tackling today’s most pressing social and economic challenges, the resilience of the Detroit community inspires me to be the best version of myself.”

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