Hour Detroit: Ilitch School student recognized for contributions made within the WSU Black community

The nearly nine-minute video of a Minneapolis police officer killing an unarmed Black man, George Floyd, on May 25 set off protests across the nation (and the world), including in and around Detroit. It was a breaking point for many Black Americans, including Wayne State University’s Black Student Union president, Jeremiah Wheeler. 

The rising senior pursuing a degree from the Mike Ilitch School of Business spoke to Hour Detroit as he left a Black Lives Matter demonstration in Troy on June 1 organized in response to Floyd’s death and other prominent cases of unarmed Black Americans dying at the hands of police. That protest was peaceful until a 68-year-old motorist was arrested on a charge of veering his car to hit a protester. Later, some officers patrolling the event showed solidarity with protesters by kneeling in a video that went viral. 

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