Hanan Alhaddi published in management journal

Mike Ilitch School of Business Adjunct Faculty in Management Hanan Alhaddi wrote an article titled, “Ambidextrous Leadership for the Fourth Industrial Revolution: A Conversation with Jim Hackett.” The article, which discusses the dawn of the fourth industrial revolution, was published in the California Review Management Journal. Journal publications include articles that define management with a particular focus on corporate strategy and innovation, the management of technology and the social impact of business.


This study examines the impacts of the previous industrial revolutions and how we’re currently approaching the fourth industrial revolution. The first, second, and third industrial revolutions have informed profound shifts in mechanization of production; from water/steam power to electric power and then to electronics/information technology. The fourth will be centered on: Autonomy, 3D printing advancing into 4D printing, advanced robotics and new materials. The study explains how each piece of the fourth industrial revolution will be stemmed from ambidextrous organizations and leadership.

Full article on California Review Management

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