Good Morning America: MBA grad Gina Adams 'Buttons2Button' business featured on GMA

Gina Adams, a mother of two in Michigan, saw firsthand the toll that Parkinson's disease took on her stepfather, especially when he was unable to do everyday things like button his own shirt."He was a brilliant engineer and a guitar player, and when he could no longer button his own shirt, it was devastating for him," Adams told "Good Morning America." "I saw my stepdad with this whole closet of clothes he couldn't wear."A few years later, when her children entered their teens, Adams went back to school to get her MBA. It was while she was there that she came up with a solution to the problem that her stepfather had been facing along with millions of other people who have dexterity issues that prevent them from getting dressed on their own. Adams is the founder and CEO of Wareologie, a company that designs products for people with disabilities. The startup’s first product is Buttons 2 Button, magnetic adapters that can be attached to button-down shirts.

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