Fox 2: Marick Masters on UAW members march

The strike continues at General Motors plants in Warren and all across the country. But negotiations between both sides also appear to be continuing. That gives a lot of people hope that this could all end sooner rather than later. Workers used cries of solidarity as the strike approached one full day off the job at GM at the Warren Transmission Plant. The Chrysler UAW workers outnumbered GM workers on Monday evening. Still, members say they are fighting for more and they know what happens with GM will likely impact the next round of negotiations with Chrysler and Ford. "This is pattern bargaining," said Marick Masters, Wayne State University professor. "They targeted GM for a reason. They are hoping to get the best deal possible to set the stage for the other two negotiations." The UAW has been on strike before but experts say not like this. GM went to social media with details of the offer that was rejected by the UAW. It is a move that some say had to happen, given the fact that top union officials are under federal investigation. There have been allegations of bribery during the 2015 negotiations. GM issued a brief but telling statement on Monday: "Negotiations have resumed. Our goal remains to reach an agreement that builds a stronger future for our employees and our business." "There is no reason for them to sit at the table if they are far apart and not making any progress," Masters said.

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