For those interested in a sport and entertainment career path: SEM 8000

The Mike Ilitch School of Business M.B.A. concentration in sport and entertainment management invites all M.B.A. students to register for an exciting course in Business Development (SEM 8000) for the fall 2021 semester.

“Now more than ever, in the wake of COVID-19 and civil and economic upheaval, sport and entertainment professionals need to understand the many impacts of trends on the industry,” said program co-director and course instructor Tamme Quinn Grzebyk. “This course, SEM 8000, capitalizes on contributions from industry experts to help prepare tomorrow’s leaders in the field.”

Students will examine development in the entertainment, sports and convention industries. Students will:

  • Analyze the structure and culture of business development within sport and entertainment organizations
  • Forecast consequences of emerging issues on business development efforts in the sport and entertainment fields
  • Distinguish audiences and apply appropriate outreach methods
  • Utilize analytics and database management tactics for business development strategies
  • Design and deliver impactful and professional business proposals
  • Construct and evaluate business development strategies using social media
  • Recommend sound business development strategies in sport and entertainment settings

“As I look back at my journey, SEM 8000 was one of the most impactful courses for my professional development, overall awareness and knowledge of the intricacies in the sport and entertainment industry,” said Zach Warren, president of the Ilitch School’s Sport and Entertainment Business Association and a previous course participant. “If you are interested in a career in sport and entertainment, taking this class should be a priority for you. It teaches you how to think critically and creatively about the industry while giving an in-depth look into its past, present and future.”

The course will include live meetings, discussions, videos, readings, class projects and various industry assessments. Guest speakers from across the sport and entertainment industry will also be welcomed.

The course is a SYNC format. Live, virtual meetings will take place on Monday nights. For further information, please contact an Ilitch School graduate advisor. Specific questions about the course can be sent to Dr. Tamme Quinn Grzebyk at

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