First-ever TEDxWayneStateU has a distinct School of Business flavor

The popular TED Talk (technology, entertainment and design) model is coming to a university near you. The first-ever TEDxWayneStateU Conference is set for this Friday, Apr. 17 at 1 p.m. on WSU's main campus in Midtown Detroit.

Although TEDxWayneStateU registration has closed, you still have the opportunity to attend. Experience the conference at the Simulcast Lounge in room 128 of State Hall. To find out more about TEDxWayneStateU, visit

The list of speakers for this debut conference features a faculty member, an alumnus and even a current student from the WSU School of Business:

James T. Low

Dr. James T. Low is an emeritus faculty member in the marketing program at the School of Business. Low has an M.B.A. in marketing and operations research from the University of Michigan and earned his Ph.D. in marketing at the University of Michigan. Over the last 10 years, Low has spoken on Theory of Constraints topics at over 80 conferences, dealing with applications in manufacturing, accounting, operations research, problem solving, and organizational change. Low has published a number of articles in well-recognized professional journals and has worked with a number of companies on Theory of Constraints issues, including Ford Motor Company, Chrysler, and MTU Detroit Diesel.

Blake Bowman

Blake Bowman earned his bachelor’s degree in marketing from WSU in 2013. He is a corrective exercise specialist and personal trainer with a passion for bio-mechanics and improving people's posture. After suffering through several injuries related to bad posture, Bowman now works with his clients and raises awareness about posture and its effects on the human body. Bowman now owns and operates a personal training studio, online coaching business and popular YouTube channel.

Amal Shah

Amal Shah is a junior at WSU with a dual major in finance and information systems management. Outside of the classroom, Shah is the co-founder and COO of 1701 Consulting Group, a consulting firm focused on helping grow and develop startups and small businesses around the Metro Detroit. After graduating from Wayne State University, Shah hopes to move to Midtown Detroit and continue to pursue his entrepreneurial vision and contribute to the rebirth of Detroit.

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