Faculty Spotlight: Kyunghee Lee

The Mike Ilitch School of Business welcomed Kyunghee Lee, assistant professor of information systems management, to the faculty in the fall semester.

Lee earned his Ph.D. in management engineering from the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology in Seoul, South Korea, and completed his earlier education in Daejeon, South Korea.

Lee’s research interests include economic and societal impact of information technology, digital channel strategy, social media, the strategic value of IT in inter-organizational relationships, data management and analytics, and healthcare IT.

“I think my interests would be very similar with what most people out there working in practice are pondering everyday: how new technologies are reshaping business,” he said.

An example of the use of technologies in business is highlighted in his latest project.

“The project is to determine which customers are more valuable than others, based on their in-store movements, which is tracked from their phone signals,” he said. “In short, I seek technology-driven phenomena that have potentials to improve or disrupt the current state of corporate strategies, which naturally bear lots of practical implications.”

Lee said he is excited to begin his career at Wayne State, and he thinks the decision to travel halfway across the world to work here was the right choice because the university provides a community unlike any other.

“The school provides great support for both research and teaching,” he said. “Above all, what I liked most is the people here at WSU and the community in which we’re involved. The school and the city are full of positive energies that are working toward greater success.”

“I have no doubt that WSU is the best place to start my academic career,” he added.


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