Entrepreneurial Marketing Course Examines Best Practices In Marketing Small Businesses

Entrepreneurial Marketing (MKT 7870), one of two "special topic" marketing seminar courses offered for graduate students this fall term, provides an overview of the marketing perspective in entrepreneurship. It is designed for MBA students who are interested in examining the marketing strategies and methods used by start-up businesses, early-stage companies, and small-business enterprises. It is also targeted to those who want to examine how to bring entrepreneurial thinking to the corporation.

This course moves away from the abstract and closer to the real environment, making extensive use of actual firm experiences via the case method, guest speakers and current business events. Students will be expected to monitor a wide range of media for information about entrepreneurial marketing and examples of best practices in the field. Students will also develop a marketing plan for a new business enterprise.

The focus of the course includes positioning, strategy issues, and marketing activities of the entrepreneurial businesses. You can register for the course here. Anyone seeking additional information about the course can contact Susan Williams at susana13@comcast.net.

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